Treo 600 Surgery

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The problem: My Treo 600 has been buzzing for the past year or so when I get low on battery. Buzzing to a point where I decided I needed a new phone. Since the new phone did not work out, I decided I had to go back to my old standard: the Treo 600. Unfortunately, I still had to deal with the buzzing, so I finally decided to do a search for “Treo 600, buzzing” and finally found some documentation of a possible fix. Excited, I took a drive to my local hardware store, got the hex tool to open up my Treo and went to work.

For those who know me, and know how I am with hardware, you might laugh a little (and appreciate the “clean work space” I decided to use), but I have to say…I did not break the case, ruin the phone, or even cut myself…and taking off the case gave plenty of opportunity. This is now my second successful, no injury take-apart in a row ;). All screws are back in place and the phone works. This weekend I am going to let the phone’s battery drain to see if I can get down below 50% battery level and see if the buzzing is gone. If so, I will be set for another few months until the Treo 700P comes out. If not, I go back in and try to wrap the cable a little better.

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