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Well, it is a “this and that Monday”…lots of random TV related things I want to mention.

I have been catching a lot of the old Dukes of Hazzard reruns on TV late at night, and I have come to a conclusion: George Bush and Roscoe P. Coltrane share many of the same characteristics…and I am not alone in my conclusion. The facial expressions, the movements, the awkward sounds…among other obvious characteristics.

curb your enthusiasm.
One of the best episodes yet was on last night: The End. If you have HBO, or have a chance to see this latest episode, watch it!

Sopranos. (yeah, it gets a capital S)
Finally after well over a year, I saw my first “new season” of Sopranos last night. I am very excited for the new season to start in March. Thank you HBO!

Ken showed me something this morning that peaked my interest: Sling Media. The thought of being able to watch my cable or TiVO recorded shows from anywhere (as long as I have a broadband connection) sounds pretty darn cool to me. Like usual with Mac Support: “We don’t have any official announcement yet. Watch for news in the next few months.”

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