I found a great search resource this morning: YubNub Using a few commands, you can filter your searches by using certain commands to give the best match possible. Pretty handy. (There is even a Firefox plugin for YubNub) Other than that, I am completely exhausted from my recent travels. I am looking forward to some downtime that does not include working on presentations and the like! 😉

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When I think about my average day in front of the computer and the tasks that I do…it is unbelievable how much different it is and it makes me wonder what everything will look like in 5-10 years. Google’s search engine changed it all. I want to take a moment to thank Dr. McMurry for […]


Voodoo Wings and the Blues

Well instead of coming back early and installing Fedora Core 4, I decided to go out with a friend to a little cajun restaurant and listen to see blues by Watermelon Slim. Good times, great food and I highly recommend both if you are ever in St. Louis.