Boxing & Core Strength


Just to mix things up a bit – today’s workout is going to be a mixture of boxing and core strength exercises.

The Format

12 2:20 boxing rounds with 1 minute of core and a 20 second break between each grouping

The Workout

Round 1:
Boxing: Straight Punches
Core: Sit-ups

Round 2:
Boxing: Hooks/Uppercuts
Core: Heel touches

Round 3:
Boxing: Jab/Cross/Left Hook/Uppercut
Core: Low plank hold

Round 4:
Boxing: Jab/Cross/Cross/Jab/Back Leg Round House Kick
Core: Flutters

Round 5:
Boxing: Jab/Jab/Cross/Front Leg Round House Kick
Core: Heel raises

Round 6:
Boxing: Back Leg Round House Kick/Cross/Left Hook/Cross/Left Uppercut
Core: Dealer’s Choice

Round 7:
Boxing: Front Leg Round House Kick/Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Cross/Right Uppercut
Core: Sit-ups

Round 8:
Boxing: Jab/Left Hook/2 Back Leg Round House Kicks (High/Low)
Core: Heel touches

Round 9:
Boxing: Cross/Right Hook/ 2 Front Leg Round House Kicks (High/Low)
Core: Low plank hold

Round 10:
Boxing: Jab/Cross/Left Hook/Cross/Move/Jab/Cross
Core: Flutters

Round 11:
Boxing: Jab/Right Uppercut/Jab/Left Uppercut/Cross
Core: Heel raises

Round 12:
Boxing: Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Cross/Cross/Left Uppercut
Core: Dealer’s Choice

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