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Serenity Now!

Any Metra rider knows exactly where the doors open for the trains at their stops and then places themselves there each day in hopes of being one of the first people on the train, if the train is crowded to get one of two remaining seats.

I have been riding the Metra every weekday for over 5 years. I spent the first 5 years at a small stop, the best stop on the line…and then recently migrated to a bigger stop where I can get an express train into the city. Well, it was one thing when the russian woman would crowd me out and grab the train outer handle to cut me off physically, or when the jack ass man would step right in front of me at the smaller station…I accepted that as two weird people with an obsession of getting on first.

After a few months of trying to “show them who was boss” I stepped back and made an effort not to care about their little games. Well, unfortunately…I left two psychos for a whole flock. Today, some guy got inches behind me (I had a prime spot) and forced me to stare him down so he would move back and let me take my spot behind the yellow line. I am dealing with about 15 people who are so aggressive when getting on the train, the people trying to get off the train before we can get on, yell every morning “you need to let us get off before you get on!!”

It is insane. What is the deal? I just cannot believe all the aggressiveness over trying to get the perfect spot so you can be one of the first people on the train. It is the train…it is morning.


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  1. JerryD

    I can SOOO relate to this. I was thinking about this exact thing last week. SouthShore has been reducing the number of conductors and as a result has reduced the number of doors that open at certain spots. The commuters are so out of sorts because their pattern has been disrupted. To them I say…get over it.

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