Coke C2


Ok, I have a Coke problem…a Coca Cola Coke problem that is. I would love to cut my Coke habit down a bit. I am not too functional before my morning 12 ounces of enjoyment. I have been religously drinking Coke for six years now and I am sure all the sugar goodness has not been beneficial, but I love my Coke. Along comes Coke C2 with half the calories and half the sugar. Immediately I was both excited and cautious. Excited=less calories. Cautious:aspartame. I first tried this new Coke mix on Sunday out of a 20oz bottle and was not impressed, but a friend of mine brought me in a cold can of it this morning and I was pretty happy with it. Nothing will ever beat a McDonald’s Coke, but you should definitely try the new C2. (I feel like they should have come out with this in 1997 when T2 came out) Now aren’t you glad it has my seal of “ok” products? I thought so.

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