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Diet Coke v. Coke Zero

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As a recent convert to diet pop (yes, pop not soda), I recently learned about the difference between diet coke and coke zero. Surprisingly enough (well to me at least) I learned that Diet Coke is based on the New Coke recipe whereas Coke Zero is based off of the Classic Coke recipe. Makes you think…or at least it made me think. After a taste test…I much prefer Coke Zero. Are you a secret New Coke fan? PS…Happy Birthday Doug! [tags]Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, New Coke[/tags] Read more



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On my way home from work today, while in deep thought on the train, I came with something I thought I would share. “Appreciate things (people/places/things/situations) for what they are”. What made this come to mind? Dealing with difficult people, stressful situations, and a letter from a friend. But how do you deal with these people and situations? See things for what they are…things. Annoying people, emotions, attitudes, lack of respect, sunny days, and ice cold Coca Colas. Each has something to offer and appreciate them for what they are. You may not be able to control everything, but you... Read More » Read more


World of Coca Cola

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I have never denied it, I am a complete Coke addict (Coca Cola of course). I love to drink Coke, collect Coke memorbilia (not to the point where it is a problem), and I just love Coca Cola’s history and company in general. When I found out I had a business meeting in Atlanta, I immediately looked into what kind of tour Coca Cola offered the general public. Next thing I knew, I was off to the World of Coca Cola. I had a blast and had the opportunity to tour the Coca Cola museum as well as taste other... Read More » Read more


Coke C2

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Ok, I have a Coke problem…a Coca Cola Coke problem that is. I would love to cut my Coke habit down a bit. I am not too functional before my morning 12 ounces of enjoyment. I have been religously drinking Coke for six years now and I am sure all the sugar goodness has not been beneficial, but I love my Coke. Along comes Coke C2 with half the calories and half the sugar. Immediately I was both excited and cautious. Excited=less calories. Cautious:aspartame. I first tried this new Coke mix on Sunday out of a 20oz bottle and was... Read More » Read more