Flood = Standing Water = Swarms of Mosquitoes

Serenity Now!

Whoa. I did not just play a crazy round of paintball…no those are welts from the mosquitoes. I grew up and ran around where we had dirt roads and lots of foilage, but never the kind of mosquitoes that left welts. I was using OFF’s (yes even OFF has a web site…and a killer URL) botanical blend…but I needed some deet, so I am now using deep forest OFF. I stink like OFF all day, and am sticky, but it has to be better than these crazy mosquitoes swarming onto my pale skin, right? I have some welts that itch so bad that I thought that slicing it open and pouring some deep forest OFF on it had to feel better than itching…pain had to be better than itching! Do not worry, all my welts are still intact. Even the bites on my fingers, in the crease behind my knee, and on the bottom of my foot. Come on city, where are the wonderful planes with your cancer causing agent?

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