When Mac OS X beta appeared on the scene with a mail application I was very excited. I was a die hard Eudora fan but I am always happy to try an Apple application…you know, since I have an Apple tattoo and all. I was very disappointed with what Apple had released so I went back to Eudora. Eudora had a lot features that did not which I used to help me get my job done. I used email templates religiously for users that forgot their web password, needed instructions on this and that so I stuck with Eudora in Mac OS 9.x. When Eudora carbonized their mail application, all bets were off because it was ugly and nasty, even if it had more functionality, I have issues with ugly interfaces, so I sucked it up and went on to use Apple’s I still do not have my templates, but I keep drafts of template emails that I copy and paste. Moral of the story, there are some great plugins that everyone using should check out. Apple has made great strides to improve, but you can also customize it even further with plugins.

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