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Random Fridays: Train Surfing

Event hough I do not live near the ocean, I still enjoy surfing as much as anyone else (and have ever since watching the movie North Shore). There is something very satisfying and exciting about catching the perfect wave – everything clicks, and you just seem to almost fly – or at least that is […]


For a Good Time, Take the Metro

Some days are better than others and the people on my train have decided to make the most of the their commute one day a week. If you have ever depended on public transportation, you know that people like to do a lot of the same. Same train, same car (in the train), same seat. […]


Do Not Stop on the Tracks!

I have taken the Metra (locomotive commuter train) for over seven years now and until about 5 minutes ago, had never been on a train that has hit a person or a car. This morning we hit a car and because I sit in the front car (third seat from the front) when we hit […]

Serenity Now!

Spot Nazis

Any Metra rider knows exactly where the doors open for the trains at their stops and then places themselves there each day in hopes of being one of the first people on the train, if the train is crowded to get one of two remaining seats. I have been riding the Metra every weekday for […]