Do Not Stop on the Tracks!


I have taken the Metra (locomotive commuter train) for over seven years now and until about 5 minutes ago, had never been on a train that has hit a person or a car. This morning we hit a car and because I sit in the front car (third seat from the front) when we hit the car it was pretty scary. Even though I did not see it happen (I was playing Rocket Mania)as soon as I heard it and felt the impact my stomach sank. If you live in an area with an active trains DO NOT STOP ON THE TRACKS. Living in Chicago, we have a very active tracks…especially our commuter trains. There is no excuse for stopping on the tracks…ever. The trains give several warning cues that they are coming..I just do not understand why people put themselves in harms way…stupidly. I hope the driver and passengers are ok, but I also hope people on this train and perhaps people who read this will take extra caution next time they are near train tracks.

2 thoughts on “Do Not Stop on the Tracks!”

  1. Fred

    Since you are ranting (opps, blogging)I assume you are OK?? A minor collison I hope? Delayed you how long on a hot/busy morning?

    Have a great 4th!

  2. jenz

    Yes, everyone on the train was ok…the train did not even suffer any damage. 😉 We were only delayed for about 30 minutes so I am no one was injured.

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