For a Good Time, Take the Metro


Some days are better than others and the people on my train have decided to make the most of the their commute one day a week. If you have ever depended on public transportation, you know that people like to do a lot of the same. Same train, same car (in the train), same seat. Get a few of those people together over multiple years, and soon close friendships form. This is the case with a particular car on one of the evening trains I take. There are about 10 people who, once a week bring in snacks, sometimes fried chicken or a homemade dish, whip out a blender and make frozen margaritas, and have a great time for their hour plus commute home. They even offer the food and drinks to anyone in the car. I, at first got a kick out of them eating homemade food and snacks, but when I saw the blender, I knew they meant business. It is great to see some people walk into that car and then have one of the regulars unexpectedly offer them a drink or some food. You know that the stressed out newcomer is surprised, but it often breeds conversation and at the very least a smile. Way to go Metra regulars!

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