six flags, take two.

Serenity Now! Standards

Having a Six Flags’ season pass is great. We can make a last minute decision to go to Six Flags in the afternoon or after dinner, and that is what we did on Saturday. Figuring the park would start to slowly empty at 5pm, well we were mistaken, but perhaps it was because we just happened to choose the dayof Gospel Fest. Yeah, just our luck. Church busses, vans everywhere. Ok, I can deal with that, but the lines were crazy. And I am guessing “Thou shall not jump lines” was not in the Ten Commandments, because there would have been a lot of sinning going on (well more that there was). It is very frustrating. Which brings me to my thank yous…

A big thank you goes out to the woman (I cannot even call you a mother) in front of me in the American Eagle line. Wow. Not only was I so sick of your obnoxious daughter “practicing screaming” for 30 minutes at the top of her lungs, I was really hoping she would have taken a dive off of the railing or the fences that she was crawling up uncontrollably while you just stood there and laughed. Seriously. Two kids, completely out of control, thanks for sharing. Then I had the lovely opportunity to sit in the car right in front of the screaming hell child. Yeah, that is why I screamed all sorts of word hoping the hell child would pick them up while on the ride. My ears were ringing after dealing with the murder screams. For this, you win the “wow we should really test people who want to be parents because you would never make the cut”. PS, you are her mother, not her friend, so take some responsibility.

Next up, a friendly reminder to the men out there…cut your freaking toenails. If they are pointy, or they extend past the actual toe, it is time to cut them. Also, to the men out there with crazy and out of control ear hair…come on, take a few minutes and trim that. (That also goes for nose and eyebrows too). Thanks for standing right in front of me for the hour I waited to get on the Viper.

A final thanks to the person who forgot to tell me that wearing a basketball jersey was required to fit in. Was I at a basketball convention that had rides or Six Flags?

Oh, but wait, how could I forget the cell phone talkers? Thanks for proving me wrong; thinking you would not be able to hold an hour conversation while in line for my favorite ride, the Raging Bull.

Yeah, the visit was less than heavenly, but the Raging Bull makes it all worth while.

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Serenity Now! Standards

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