Busy Weekend


Well, this weekend was very jam packed. I started off the weekend by taking A to her first Brazilian steakhouse. Good thing she brought an appetite because you definitely need one at those places! On Saturday I had some co-workers and their dogs over for a dog get together. Triscuit did pretty well with strange breeds in her house (Irish Wolf Hound and two Dachshunds). Sunday was a big day for me…I finally bought a snow blower. Some women dream of their wedding days when they are young…I dreamt of owning my own snow blower. I quickly cleared my driveway and sidewalk and taught A how to use it too. I knew it was only a matter of time before the Chicago Bears would stop getting lucky…and that was yesterday. The Steelers played hard and completely exposed our non-existent offense and also ran through our defense for 60 minutes. Right now the Chicago Bears are playing like I first started playing Madden…drop back and wait for plays to happen. Meanwhile other offenses we play are making plays. Like Joe Pa would say…run the ball, wear out the defense…play hardnosed football. We are not fooling anyone…we do not have a west coast offense. Hopefully we can turn it around soon. My message to Orton: do not be afraid to run. Next up: Survivor. I loved Steph from the season prior to this one…and I loved that they brought her back for this season. I was disgusted when she did not win, as I thought for sure she would because she deserved it. Lesson learned: if you want to win, it is about luck and the ability to stay unnoticed and uninvolved. Oh well. On top of all this excitement, I completed 90% of my transition to Liquid Web Inc. over the weekend too. So far, so good!.

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Serenity Now!

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Serenity Now!

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