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Serenity Now!

Well well. I finally have a decent spell check option and it is thanks to the Google Toolbar. I can spellcheck anything in my browser window with a click of the button. I am not known for my spelling skills, so hopefully this will help me. On another fun note…I was getting a Coke on the first floor of my building and my co-worker who was walking next to me says: No way! Look at the homeless guy on his cell phone!! He has a cell phone!” Yeah…apparently even the homeless have cell phones now.

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Quake 4 for Mac, SoCom for PSP

Today was an exciting day! I do not think I have ever spent as much time with a computer game, as I did with Quake III Arena. So, no surprise when I found out Quake 4 Invasion was announced for the Mac, I got excited. Now the question is…will this push me to buy a […]


Busy Weekend

Well, this weekend was very jam packed. I started off the weekend by taking A to her first Brazilian steakhouse. Good thing she brought an appetite because you definitely need one at those places! On Saturday I had some co-workers and their dogs over for a dog get together. Triscuit did pretty well with strange […]