We Are…A Family


My kids with Joe.

Some people do not understand it, others think I/we are crazy, but losing Joe was hard. He was more than a coach, a public figure, and an educator…he was part of the family.

After watching the Joe Paterno memorial yesterday one thing was made very clear – we the Penn State community are one big family. Sure – we have our problems, but what family – especially such a large family – does not? Seeing everyone together, supporting one and other, and sharing memories about Joe was pretty amazing and finally made me feel a bit more at peace.

A big thanks to the Big Ten Network for airing it!

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-29

Watched Annie's wedding episode from the Guiding Light DVD collection. @beth_chamberlin – you have not aged a bit since 1998! #GuidingLight # 2pm CT – I will be watching the Joe Paterno memorial on BTN. I am grateful that they are airing it. @BTN #


Joe Paterno Bread Commercial

For those of you that remember – I found a link to the bread commercial Joe did in the 90s… http://www.butter-krust.com/movies/MilanoItaliannew.htm