Bracing For the Non-Blizzard (Chicago)

Growing up just south of Buffalo taught me quite a few things:

  • How to always be able to start a snow blower
  • The difference between “Upstate New York” vs. “Western New York”
  • How to not root for the home team
  • How to actually deal with snow

Out here in Chicago I have seen a trend which I call the “ok – it is our turn for the big news story”. Chicago always prepares and hypes up all storms and then after all the schools close down in fear – we end up getting snow that is easily moved by using a broom instead of a snowblower or even shovel. I feel like Chicago has felt left out with all the news and attention on New York’s storms this year so the media can barely hold back their excitement for this attention.

I am sure all the Chicago stations have been gearing up for this “Blizzard which will soon hit the area with all their fancy graphics and catchy phrases but most likely – we will get some accumulation but nothing near what they expected.

What I hope for: a lot of snow. I miss hard core snow blowing where I have to literally push the snow blower with my arms and one leg (oh yes – a hidden talent for extreme snow blowing). I can then go out and build a sweet snowman that will last weeks. What I think we will get – no more than 6-9 inches at most and a lot of hype/wasted time for all the catchy news phrases/imagery.

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One thought on “Bracing For the Non-Blizzard (Chicago)”

  1. Jen

    PS – I have a bet going with our kids’ babysitter over this. She thinks we are getting over 24″ while I think 6-9″ is more likely. On the line? A homemade dinner of our choice.

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