Busy Yes, Blogging Yes!

It is hard to believe how little I have been able to actually blog about over the last two months or so. I have been busy with a number of big site projects – some that were the most complicated I have ever worked on (techland.com to name one) – my proudest recent achievement.

I have also been busy with a number of home projects including re-painting, and a complete bathroom re-model. Since I seem to have so much free time – I also decided I needed to get a dog trainer to come in and train our dog Colby once a week and then work with him to make sure he is the polite dog I know he can be. I am looking forward to a few days of down time in the near future, but things are going to get crazy again because we are expecting twins in the spring! I do however plan to be more active here because I have learned so much over the past two months – there are plenty of cool hints and tricks to add.

For all you who have been asking questions and leaving comments about my Jappler menus – I am about to redo those so hang tight!