New Family Member: Ava.

Amy and I have been involved in Greyhounds Only for a few years now and we recently went to a fostering seminar with hopes of fostering new or returned greyhounds. I picked up Ava this afternoon from a pretty sketchy home. Her nails were extremely long and her ears were fithly, but she cuddled with me right away and did wonderfully on her trip with me to her new home. Time will tell if she is the right dog for us (Triscuit) or if someone else will be lucky enough to spend time with her. For now, here are some pictures of Triscuit, Salsa, and Ava. Pita is a bit camera shy.

Triscuit Triscuit Salsa

Ava Ava and Triscuit Triscuit and Ava

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2 thoughts on “New Family Member: Ava.”

  1. Aunt Jackie

    Salsa does not seem imoressed by her new housemate….It is good that Triscuit is ok with Ava…she sounds so glamourous…..
    Good luck!!!! Love, AJ

  2. jenz

    Yeah, the cats are handling another dog really well…no hiding and very little hissing. The big question is how Triscuit likes sharing affection…

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