A Real Class Act and Win #350


Joe Paterno has once again shown the world that there is more to winning and losing…there is sportsmanship. On Saturday October 22nd, 2005 during the PSU v Illinois game, Joe Paterno reached another coaching milestone…win #350. After the first few minutes of this game, it was clear it was going to be a blow out. (28-3 after the first quarter; 56-3 after the second quarter).

Not only did Joe Paterno put in his second and third string for the end of the second quarter, but also brought them in for the full second half…and in typical Joe Paterno style, he did not allow the quaterbacks to throw any passes. Well, there was one, but Joe quickly chewed out the offensive line coach and demanded only offensive run plays. Why? To run out the clock, and to make sure the score was not run up any more. Joe is embarressed by high scoring games, and does not like to show off.

Again, as some criticize Joe for being too old to coach, or past his prime, tell me what is more important that showing the level of sportsmanship he did with his team on Saturday? Oh winning probably, right? Ok..350 wins not enough for you? For all those out there that do not understand what Joe is about and what he has brought to PSU as well as to college football…get a life. What will you be remembered for?

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