my first wordpress plugin: WP-rssStats.

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After talking to Scott I finally have a plugin which I am excited to develop and excited to share with the WordPress community…a plugin that will allow WordPress admins to see exactly how many people are subscribing to your WordPress RSS feed and who these people are. Why would I do this when Feedburner is out there (and I used it currently)? I like Feedburner but I do not like redirecting my RSS feed to a non URL because I want to be in control of my own stats.

Why start with this? Scott had mentioned this to me and it sounded very interesting. With this project, I will be able to learn quite a bit about PHP, the WordPress API, MySQL, as well as RSS. This past weekend, between meetings, I read the documentation I blogged about yesterday and I started reading PHP and MySQL Web Development, which Scott recommended. I hope others will find this useful! I plan to really dig into this in the next few days. I am going to set up my test WordPress setup tomorrow so I can begin messing around with project.

For more information on this, check out Scott’s podcast on learning PHP and this project.

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3 thoughts on “my first wordpress plugin: WP-rssStats.”

  1. Mike Stickel

    Ooo, sounds very cool. Keep us posted. I’m very keen on giving it a go once you’ve got something ready for testing or release.

  2. Colin D. Devroe

    Something to note is that this functionality is somewhere in the nightlies already. If you log into your account (if you have one) you will see that they are doing something like this already.

  3. jenz

    Thanks for the heads up Colin, I will at least take a look and see what they have. I still will put something out though regardless so I can have a good learning project. 😉

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