One of Those Days

Serenity Now!

Time for a beer! Nothing like waking up at 5am and putting in multiple hours of “work” before you actually start your day job. To begin the day…I could not sleep (because of the humidity) so I decide to get up early and check my consulting company’s email figuring I can do a few simple tasks before I start my day job. No new messages. I think to myself that I should have something…I should at least have my daily tasks email from Tasks Pro that is sent every morning at 430am. I then look into the problem and notice I cannot send mail either….everyone’s favorite 550 smtp error. I call my hosting company and have them look into it. I start to sweat because this is affecting my entire VPS…all my domain names, and all my clients. After getting disconnected four times from my hosting company but finally get a call back from the last person I talk to and he assures me he is looking into it. An hour goes by and no fix. I call back and talk to someone else who is now also looking into it. Meanwhile, a client calls me and tells me she is going to demo the XOOPS CMS I built and she cannot log in with the administrative account. I confirm the problem, and luckily I recognize this issue…and a simple database rebuild takes care of the problem. As I get off the phone with my client, I get an IM from another person I am doing work for and they are having some CSS issues. ID issues, the ever-so-lovely unclosed div tag issue – luckily this was not too bad of an issue and I like CSS so this was not too bad. Next thing I know I get a call back from my hosting company and my issue has finally been resolved. It is now time to stop my consulting work so I can start my day job…unfortunately I am already stressed out and it is not even 9am!

My work day officially begins…and finally ends. I take a conference call during my lunch break and get piles of more work to do this evening. I start to think my day looks up when my Vonage (sorry Jerry, I misplace your refer a friend email and was so lame I did not email you back about getting another copy – lunch is on me when you are in the city next time) equipment arrives (I am using it for my business) but to continue on with my wonderful day…I cannot get a dial tone. Whoops, I do not have a Vonage compatible router. Off to Best Buy to buy a new router. I then had to come home and reconfigure the router (I have quite a few custom port forwarding settings for PS2 and for my home servers). Finally, I am able to sit down, take a breath, and start some work for my consulting business….knowing I really should be out mowing the lawn. Serenity Now!
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  1. jenz

    Hello. Unfortunately Amy did try to talk to me and I had to just step away and take a deep breath…fortunately she is very supportive.

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