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road to respect (PS2 Sopranos game).

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I do not have much time to play games anymore, but I am very excited to buy Sopranos Road to Respect when it comes out on November 7, 2006. I happened to catch the “making of” show on HBO this past weekend and it looks like the developers have done a great job with the looks, mannerisms, and general character. I also look forward to just walking around in the Soprano’s world. [tags]Sopranos, PS2[/tags] Read more

General Serenity Now!

One of Those Days

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Time for a beer! Nothing like waking up at 5am and putting in multiple hours of “work” before you actually start your day job. To begin the day…I could not sleep (because of the humidity) so I decide to get up early and check my consulting company’s email figuring I can do a few simple tasks before I start my day job. No new messages. I think to myself that I should have something…I should at least have my daily tasks email from Tasks Pro that is sent every morning at 430am. I then look into the problem and notice... Read More » Read more