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Find Out When New Wii Games Are Released

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Ever since I got the Wii, I have been watching to see what old games would be released for the Virtual Console and I finally decided to check out to see if Nintendo had a feed for all new game releases. Sure enough, they have a RSS feed and it lists all new game releases. (This way I can stay on top of the RC Pro Am release…whenever that might be). The feed also includes news as well – but at least I can passively get the release dates and some general news instead of searching for it. If you... Read More » Read more

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How To Easily Keep Up To Date With Recalls

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After having a kid recalls became more important to me, but I felt overwhelmed with trying to stay on top of all the recalls. Do I go to the toy store and spend a few minutes in front of their recall board and try to decipher what big had lead in it? Did I get that bib? My son has a ton of bibs! Yikes!! Luckily, I stumbled upon the U.S. Product Safety Commission Web Site which has a few recall RSS feeds that you can subscribe to. When a new notice is out – it automatically shows up for... Read More » Read more Web Development

yahoo! pipes.

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I finally sat down and looked seriously at Yahoo! Pipes to try and figure out how or if it could be useful to me and my clients. I wanted to make something useful so I decided that it would be nice to have a “master Jen feed” which would include the RSS feed from this site, my company’s web site, as well as from my son’s web site. Within five minutes, the master feed was created and in my RSS feeder. While this might not be the most advanced thing Yahoo! Pipes can do, I am definitely considering grouping a... Read More » Read more


Much Calmer Morning

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Thankfully this morning has been much calmer. By this time yesterday I felt like I ran a marathon and today I feel refreshed. I got caught up on my unread RSS feeds this morning and wanted to mention a few really great feeds I have been reading: Life Hacker. Just a few days ago I learned how to make my garbage disposal nice and clean smelling from this feed. Creating Passionate Users. This is a great read for anyone that interacts with users. Escape from Cubical Nation. This is a great and inspirational blog written by someone who started their... Read More » Read more

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my first wordpress plugin: WP-rssStats.

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After talking to Scott I finally have a plugin which I am excited to develop and excited to share with the WordPress community…a plugin that will allow WordPress admins to see exactly how many people are subscribing to your WordPress RSS feed and who these people are. Why would I do this when Feedburner is out there (and I used it currently)? I like Feedburner but I do not like redirecting my RSS feed to a non URL because I want to be in control of my own stats. Why start with this? Scott had mentioned this to me... Read More » Read more


RSS Reader Recommendations?

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I have officially outgrown Safari’s RSS feed reader. I subscribe to around 100 RSS feeds and I need something better than what I have. My short list of I would ideally like: Mark as read. I use roughly three to four different computers a day and looking through the same news items because Safari cannot tell which I read is a pain Browser independent. After deleting all my bookmarks in Safari (that I used to sync between computers) I am using with all my browsers. I am using Flock more and more and absolutely loving it…but I also use... Read More » Read more

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troubleshooting rss feed problems in safari.

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I now subscribe to almost 100 RSS feeds and use Safari to manage my them. Over the last year, I have run into problems with some of my RSS feeds where there is an error with one RSS feed and the error text seems to leak into other feeds. The blog/news entries still appear correctly, but all the summaries repeat the error. I tried emptying the cache, resetting Safari, deleting all the RSS feeds and re-importing them, but no luck. The solution: Quit Safari and delete ~/Library/Syndication/Database3. (this is the SQLite database that Safari stores all the RSS feeds) Since... Read More » Read more