30 Days With the Nokia 6682 and Cingular


The time has come to retire the Treo 600. I got to the point where I actually cared about taking/making calls and the buzzing was driving me and my friends crazy. I have looked at multiple phone/wireless companies. I really liked the Sony Ericsson 910a, but it finally came down to price/technology. The 910a is an older phone (older=there is a new generation (990) already announced), and for $400 I had my reservations. The Treo 650 seemed like the perfect upgrade…but I have been so unhappy with the phone part of my Treo, I am not ready to try that out. The Treo 700w might be another option for some, but please…I should not even have to go there. I really liked the Nokia 9300, but with no Vibrate option (my choice notification since I am often on trains, I decided that was a deal killer. What is left? Well. I decided to give the Nokia 6682 as well as Cingular a chance (and a second chance for Cingular). So far, so good. There are definitely some gives and takes. I loved my past Nokia phones so I am enjoying having a Nokia again. It is wild though to go from a touch screen/stylus phone to a all button phone. More to come soon. I am going to be very critical of this phone and Cingular.

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