Nike FuelBand – What a Great Experience!


I have to say – I love the Nike Fuelband. I ordered 2 – one for me and one for Amy and received them both yesterday. I plugged mine into my computer to charge and got nothing. I plugged in Amy’s and it started charging right away. I called Nike support and they nicely walked me through getting it up and running. I almost made my “goal” (3,000 fuel points) yesterday after having it only part of the day and I am on track to meet my goal today. This morning I was excited to see it was pretty darn accurate for mileage when I went on my 2.5 mile morning walk. I have since been on a few shorter walks and it kept an accurate measure of my distance traveled. I am sure I will need to adjust my goal (make it harder) – but overall – this has been a great experience. Support was great, the interface is awesome, and it is really cool! It definitely is a great motivator to move around!

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