Today was one of those “nothing is easy” days. One of my tasks today was to customize my company’s QuickBooks invoice template. As a UI person, I often need to customize pretty much everything I use in some way or another. I have to say, QuickBooks is not very friendly when it comes to making changes to the standard. After I added my letterhead as the background and changed the font/font color, and column widths, all I wanted to do is move the “Bill To” box at the top left over about 50 pixels to line up with my company logo. After doing some research via Google searches, I came up with nothing and have to settle with the “Bill To” box hanging out far too right, in my opinion. If any readers use QuickBooks and have any thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it.
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2 thoughts on “QuickBooks…grr.”

  1. Greg

    We wrote a program to automatically print out all new invoices each day. So we just wrote an invoice template in Word, then the program pulls out all invoice data from QuickBooks, fills out the Word Template and prints it. The invoice templates in QuickBooks are annoying both because they’re hard to edit, and because there’s no way to automated printing them (at least flexibly)

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