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I took a week off after my trip back east to get caught up on some of my business needs (make new business cards, set up payroll, clean up my files, catch up with all my business expenses/bookeeping. While going through my usual RSS feeds today, I finally had time to listen to one of Scott Johnson’s latest podcast: 20 tips for working at home which was an excellent podcast and I highly recommend it for anyone who is considering working at home or currently works at home. I agree with all of his points and like the “lemon drop” idea. Thanks Scott! I have had a home office now for over a year and until a month ago, it was always located in a spare bedroom. While this was ok, I noticed myself stopping in to check email in between trips from the living room and the bedroom and I got caught up in work too much. After getting tired of always working (ok Amy was getting sick of it more than I was, but she had a point) I decided to move my office in the spare room off the kitchen – not in the the general flow of the house so I can easily work without distractions as well as leave work easier because I am not as tempted to go out of my way to check email, etc.

On a similar note…I also read Alex King’s blog post today: The “Engineering Estimate” which was also worth taking a few minutes to check out. Just about a year ago today I gave a client a quote for a huge project which ended up being extremely low and cheap. Lesson learned. Now I getting better at giving more accurate quotes as well as making sure I have a statement in my contracts that basically says any work beyond my original quote will be billable so I am not stuck eating the time I failed to properly estimate.

Good job guys and thanks for sharing.

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