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DJ Dan Morrell

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Every once and awhile I come across music that I really enjoy. If you like upbeat dance music – check out Chicago’s very own DJ Dan Morrell. Make sure you check out his podcasts. I have bought more music after listening to them than I have in a long time! Good stuff. Anything else? Yes – he also plays the guitar. Watch the video… Read more


Looking for Some Recommended Music?

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Music is very important to me. I listen to music for at least 8-9 hours a day (all day while working, 1 hour in the car a day). It has been awhile since I posted anything on the podcasts I subscribe to via iTunes and I wanted to update the list incase you were curious. I generally listen to upbeat trance/vocal trance/dj mixes which gets me pumped up to do just about any task so if you are looking for something different or what I would consider worthwhile – here is what I am listening to (do a search in... Read More » Read more

Music Podcasts

What Am I Listening To These Days?

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People that know me, know I like to listen to my music with the volume cranked up, that I work better with music in the background, and that I am passionate about great music. For the last few years, I have really gotten into vocal trance (dance music that is a bit more edgy/hard than what you would hear on the radio). I listen to a lot of great podcasts and wanted to let others out there (like my sister) know that there is some great music (free) out there. Mondo Sessions (Check out June 2007 – this is my... Read More » Read more


great read/podcast.

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I took a week off after my trip back east to get caught up on some of my business needs (make new business cards, set up payroll, clean up my files, catch up with all my business expenses/bookeeping. While going through my usual RSS feeds today, I finally had time to listen to one of Scott Johnson’s latest podcast: 20 tips for working at home which was an excellent podcast and I highly recommend it for anyone who is considering working at home or currently works at home. I agree with all of his points and like the “lemon drop”... Read More » Read more


mcdonalds is podcasting!

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Wow. While driving around today, I passed a McDonalds and saw on their sign that they now had “snack wraps“. I went home and after dinner, while playing some literati, decided to go to Mcdonalds’ web site and see if I could figure out what this new product was…and low and behold…I got a lot more than I bargained for. McDonalds – the corporation – is using podcasts to communicate with their shareholders and the general public. I am very impressed. As for the “snack wrap”, I will let you know as soon as I try one. [tags]McDonalds, podcasts, snack... Read More » Read more



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I have been listening to podcasts for awhile now, and I thought it might be interesting for some people to see what I subscribe to: – A great demotivating podcast (great for elitists) Pro PHP – Podcast about PHP programming Engadget – Information about the latest tech gadgets and tech new Security Now! – Weekly computer security information Guiding Light – My soap opera Guiding Light Lite – Commentary about GL from GL stars Pete Tong’s Tongcast – Latest dance music in review Celtic Music News – News, Music, and more on Celtic Music (a high school friend creates... Read More » Read more