1948 Miles Later…


Well, after driving just shy of 2,000 miles in about a week’s time, I am finally home and trying to get back into the swing of things. Amy and I went our east coast tour to visit family and friends and now are exhausted and sick of driving ;). It is good to be back home (and in an air conditioned house). Since I left, a friend of mine recently picked up a Blackberry 8700 and really likes it so I am excited to play with it next week. WordPress has been updated to 2.0.4 and the update was-as usual-painless to apply. More later…I am still trying to recover from the trip.

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Great Read/Podcast!

I took a week off after my trip back east to get caught up on some of my business needs (make new business cards, set up payroll, clean up my files, catch up with all my business expenses/bookeeping. While going through my usual RSS feeds today, I finally had time to listen to one of […]

Serenity Now!


Well…I decided to check spelling of one of my tasks while using Tasks Pro and when it got to my last name (Zelazny), it prompted me to change it/add it. The spell checker, like usual, gave me a suggestion/replacement for the unrecognized word (Zelazny) and I had to laugh. The suggested word to replace Zelazny […]