Serenity Now!

Well…I decided to check spelling of one of my tasks while using Tasks Pro and when it got to my last name (Zelazny), it prompted me to change it/add it. The spell checker, like usual, gave me a suggestion/replacement for the unrecognized word (Zelazny) and I had to laugh. The suggested word to replace Zelazny was “Lazybones”. Not only did I not know Lazybones was a word, but I also had to laugh because I was working while “on vacation” when this word suggestion/replacement came up. Good times.

4 thoughts on “Zelazny=Lazybones?”

  1. Doug

    That spell checker is obviously broken. Everyone knows you just mispelled “giant with tan legs”.

  2. jenz

    You make me laugh Doug. I was thinking the same thing…perhaps even “Sarah Conner like” 😉

  3. Scoop

    If you put Zelazny into microsoft, it suggests sleazy! That made it into a permanent medical record for me once 😉

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