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Last year I attended WWDC and loved it. This year I was unable to attend, but I did follow the keynote address and then took a look at the Leopard Sneak Peek and the new Mac Pros. I will be very interested to see how the Mac Pros perform as I am, and always have been, disappointed with the PowerMac G5 performance. Although I look forward to hearing about more technical goodness behind Mac OS X 10.5, I am quite excited about Time Machine. I am also interested to hear what Apple does with Mac OS X Server 10.5. (if you know me or have read this blog for awhile, you know I have a special relationship with OS X Server) I hope to hear lots of other good things from the rest of the week from Apple!
UPDATE: Mac OS X Server 10.5 information
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2 thoughts on “WWDC From Home”

  1. Doug

    The real excitement is the Mail.app templates! I can’t wait to use the new 10.5 blog server either.

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