It is Apple Keynote Time Again…

I love the day of big Apple keynotes given by Steve Jobs. While rummaging around for a disk utility last week – I found my copy of the Macworld 1999 keynote where the Blue and White G3s and multi-flavored iMacs were announced. I had a smile – I eventually owned both and thought they were the best thing ever! Anyway – my friend Ken asked me if I still got as excited as I used to – and the answer is definitely yes. I love everything about the keynotes…but I especially enjoy the post keynote reactions from the people I know. People get so excited – there is even a Keynote bingo!

My predictions:

  • I will keep my fingers crossed that the new announcement(s) will increase the value of the stock
  • Ken will be underwhelmed regardless of the announcements and let me know what the x should have had ;). (This would be true even if Apple released the coolest thing ever – he would find some “fault”.
  • Ben will be the most likely to compulsively buy the most expensive x. He will justify it somehow and I will be excited to hear about his experience with it…and then I will buy rev 2.
  • Mike will buy the newest gadget, regardless of need, and own it with much pride
  • Doug and I will sit back, not make and purchases right away, but he will end up talking me into getting something and then after he sees what I get, will get one too.
  • My friend Tim that I knew from college and met up with at WWDC in 2005 will talk to me about how we got screwed when we were there because our keynote was about the Intel transition
  • Amy will find out a few days later what is announced and tell me about it, even though she should know I knew about it moments after Steve Jobs spoke about it at the keynote
  • My parents will also talk to me a few days/weeks later about the new announcement and send me newspaper articles about it
  • Amy’s dad will finally be wowed by “x” that he will consider getting one and eventually be a switcher!


WWDC From Home

Last year I attended WWDC and loved it. This year I was unable to attend, but I did follow the keynote address and then took a look at the Leopard Sneak Peek and the new Mac Pros. I will be very interested to see how the Mac Pros perform as I am, and always have been, disappointed with the PowerMac G5 performance. Although I look forward to hearing about more technical goodness behind Mac OS X 10.5, I am quite excited about Time Machine. I am also interested to hear what Apple does with Mac OS X Server 10.5. (if you know me or have read this blog for awhile, you know I have a special relationship with OS X Server) I hope to hear lots of other good things from the rest of the week from Apple!
UPDATE: Mac OS X Server 10.5 information
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WWDC Day 5

Empty WWDC

Today was a long day. Oracle in the morning, network authentication, a few WebObjects sessions, and finally building automator actions for sys admins. Information overload.

Some cool links to note:

Day 5 summary: WebObjects is back!!

WWCD Day 4

The Apple Design Awards were last night, and the application Comic Life won Best Product New to Mac OS X. To celebrate, I made a real simple (and not very crafty one frame comic.
Wessner Travels Apple Buildings The Campus The Band
(I will work on making the picture (not thumbnail) the correct size when I get home when I have some time to hack away at the picture posting plugin)

On another note, I went to a great brown bag session on home automation.
Things to check out if you are interested in home automation (besides your standard X10 stuff):

I went to a number of really cool sessions today. Looks like it is finally time to sit down with XMLHttpRequest. I learned how to use this with ContentEditable to make some great web applications for users of all levels.

The Apple campus bash was really cool…good food, good beer, and the Wallflowers performed.

Day 4 summary: Apple goes all out to make their developers happy at the conference.

WWDC Day 3.

Today was a good day. Lots of information on how to create killer Dashboard widgets, Safari feedback session, in depth information on Color Management, Subversion for the rest of us, and then upgrading to Tiger server. I am exhausted, but learning lots of really cool technologies. I am going to start working on making my own Dashboard widget, so stay tuned. What is it going to be? That is the question. If anyone has any suggestions or can think of something they want, let me know and I will try to create it for you. I also learned of a free on-line book on subversion, so I also added that to my tech resources.

Day 3 summary: Best quote of the day in the migrating to Tiger server: “Never update a production server without a current resume.”

WWDC day 2.

Well, who would have guessed that so many Penn Staters (that I either know or know indirectly) are here at WWDC. I sat down next to someone that remembered going out to a bar with me back in college. Across from us at the table sat someone that I worked with at the Penn State help desk, and then later I met people that work in the office that I worked in before I left Penn State. Wild!

Day 2 summary: Penn Staters are everywhere.

WWDC 2005, day 1.

It is that time of year again, only this time I got to see Steve in action, live. Fortunately and unfortunately I saw the keynote when Apple announced it’s move to Intel. That is all I care to say now on that.
Apple WWDC 2005 golden gate bridge Haight2 Trolley
On another note, I am enjoying San Francisco with my wonderful tour guide, Amy Wessner She took me all over the city…riding trolley, in crazy cabs, over to Haight/Asbury, and to Fishermans’ Warph. The hills here are absolutely crazy.

Day 1 summary: “Universal Binaries”