My Take On San Fransisco


Feel free to whip out the “wrap it up” box, but I have to give my summary on San Francisco in ten thoughts or less.

  • San Francisco…inital thought: “hate the airport” (it is just not O’Hare).
  • Second random thought…”damn this weather is awesome.”
  • Third random thought…”holy cow, there is no grass, just rows of houses.”
  • Fourth random thought…”this weather is amazing!”
  • Fifth random thought: “I wonder what Steve will say at the WWDC keynote?”
  • Sixth random thought…”how is it possible to be with so many Penn Staters?”
  • Seventh random thought…”wow, maybe I do like chololate” (Ghirardellis).
  • Eight random thought: “No!!!! It is not true”
  • Nineth random thought: “yeah, this weather is where it at!”
  • Tenth random thought…”I think I actually like it out here.”

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