WWCD Day 4


The Apple Design Awards were last night, and the application Comic Life won Best Product New to Mac OS X. To celebrate, I made a real simple (and not very crafty one frame comic.

(I will work on making the picture (not thumbnail) the correct size when I get home when I have some time to hack away at the picture posting plugin)

On another note, I went to a great brown bag session on home automation.
Things to check out if you are interested in home automation (besides your standard X10 stuff):

I went to a number of really cool sessions today. Looks like it is finally time to sit down with XMLHttpRequest. I learned how to use this with ContentEditable to make some great web applications for users of all levels.

The Apple campus bash was really cool…good food, good beer, and the Wallflowers performed.

Day 4 summary: Apple goes all out to make their developers happy at the conference.

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