HOWTO: Change Your QuickBooks Web Connect Account

Awhile back I changed banks (bank buyout/name change) and have been fighting with Quickbooks (2010) when I do my web connect imports. When I go yo “Online Banking” > Import within QuickBooks – I have the account I want to use open, but when the .qbo file opens, it goes to my old account (previous bank). This was driving me crazy and I finally decided it was time to fix this.

To disassociate an account/fix this issue:

  1. Select the Lists menu and then select Chart of Accounts.
  2. Select the account you wish to unlink from imported online transactions, and then select Edit from the Action pop-up menu.
  3. Click Online Settings.
  4. Click the Download Transactions drop-down arrow.
  5. Select Not enabled, and then click Save.
  6. In the Edit Account window, click OK.

You can then have Quickbooks use your new account name – especially helpful when switching banks, or if your bank name changes.

Once you have removed the association from the old account – to set up the new account to properly import the transactions – you just need to make sure the account window is correctly open (new bank name) before importing.

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Today was one of those “nothing is easy” days. One of my tasks today was to customize my company’s QuickBooks invoice template. As a UI person, I often need to customize pretty much everything I use in some way or another. I have to say, QuickBooks is not very friendly when it comes to making changes to the standard. After I added my letterhead as the background and changed the font/font color, and column widths, all I wanted to do is move the “Bill To” box at the top left over about 50 pixels to line up with my company logo. After doing some research via Google searches, I came up with nothing and have to settle with the “Bill To” box hanging out far too right, in my opinion. If any readers use QuickBooks and have any thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it.
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moxie and tax day.

Well, as 2005 is my first year as a small business owner, I am learning something new everyday. On Monday, I learned the importance of having a really good accountant, as he called me and gave me a heads up on the fact that my 2005 taxes were due today. Thankfully he prepared an extension letter and sent me the details of what I would need to do to make sure I would not be penalized. I had met with my accountant earlier this year to learn QuickBooks and to get to know him before tax time…thankfully that paid off. Thanks!

While trying to find someplace close to mail the letter to the state, and needed to get it stamped today, I stumbled onto a little shipping/mailbox store that not only sold me some stamps, but also sold me a bottle of Moxie. Seems there is local business called Retro Soda Inc that he had partnered with to provide these retro sodas in his store. I had heard of Moxie on FoodTV, but never saw it in any stores. Given the chance to have another…I would. It is an interesting taste…some cola, and some anis, but all in all, a good find!

Moxie Thumbnail

PS, the item next to the Moxie is my 1986 Volvo 760 GLE’s starter ignition switch. 😉

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accountant amy.

Thank goodness I went to Penn State and met an amazing accounting student, now accountant, Amy Wessner. Running your own business so you can work on cool projects with interesting clients is one thing, but managing finances, marketing, managing off site servers and clients at all hours is another. Thankfully, I happen to know Amy!

I recently called Amy to ask her if should would take a look at my QuickBooks file. I am the last person to really want to learn about reconciling, expense accounts, payroll, etc so she was kind enough to take a look for me. Our first phone conversation about my complete mess of finances is tonight and I look forward to hearing what she has to say. A big thanks goes to Amy and I just wanted her to know I appreciate her efforts very much!
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