Working Out With the Wii


Over the weekend I was showing a friend my Wii and all the games we have and we decided to focus on boxing. My initial response to boxing was that is was kind of lame, but after the computer player got more difficult – each game became more and more of a workout. At the end (10 games or so each) – we were both exhausted and sweating. This is a great way to do some exercise. I now need another “nunchuck controller” so we can do two player boxing instead of one player vs. the computer. PS – that is my “Mii” in the picture. 😉 I am looking forward to Wii Fit as well to get into better shape!

2 thoughts on “Working Out With the Wii”

  1. TimFitz

    Boxing is defiantly a good workout. Try the fitness tests for a good warm up. Let me know how the Wii Fit is when you get it.

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