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I am not a “quick fix” or “work around” type of person. When a CSS debugging project comes my way I look first at fixing the problem systemically vs. applying the quick fix. Recently though I was brought into a project with an insane amount of CSS and conflicting styles all over the place. Since I did not have ample time to fix the issues systemically (this was a super stat job) I was forced to use something that would take precedence over the problematic styles already in place to quickly fix the issues.

If you have worked with CSS before I am sure you have seen “!important” used but probably were not really sure what it was. I ended up using a “fixes.css” style sheet which was called in after all the other style sheets and then using “!important” with the styles I needed to correct (override). This was very helpful and if you ever run into a similar situation or have a certain style that you cannot seem to figure out why something is not showing up (“I set this to have a margin-bottom:20px; but there is no margin at all”) try putting in the !important (margin-bottom:20px !important;) and see if that helps.

More information on !important:

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