Boxing/Tabata Workout

Boxing Workouts

Warm up Tabata (with a focus on boxing footwork)

Time: 20 sec work/10 sec break. 4x through (total of 8 exercises) (4 minutes)

1) All out fast jumping jacks (weight is all on the balls of your feet)
2) Skier shuffle (weight on the balls of your feet moving your feet forward/back)

Combinations (with a focus on moving all different ways)

Time: 2 minute rounds/20 second break

1) Jab/Cross/Left Hook/Cross
2) Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Cross/Cross
3) Jab/Cross/Jab/Right Hook
4) Jab/Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Cross
5) Jab/Cross/Left Hook/Right Hook
6) Jab/Overhand Right/Left Hook/Cross
7) Right Hook/Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Cross
8) Jab/Cross/Left Uppercut/Left Hook
9) Jab/Cross/Slip Right/Right Hook/Right Uppercut/Jab
10) Jab/Jab/Slip Left/Left Hook/Left Uppercut/Cross

Finisher Tabata (with a focus on punch stamina)

Time: 20 sec work/10 sec break. 4x through (total of 8 exercises) (4 minutes)

1) Non-stop weighted straight punches
2) Non-stop weighted combination punches

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