Always Be Kind


(My daughter’s bookmark)

We have all been through a lot over the last few months. Our decisions, priorities, actions, and reactions have all made us step back and reevaluate ourselves, our family, and our friendships.

While this has been bee easy or fun – it does highlight a lot of who we are both good and bad. I would be lying if it I did not say I personally struggled, especially seeing and being surprised how other people in my life were reacting with everything. People I love – not following guidelines, not believing it was real, and feeling like I was being left behind.

Protests, fighting over masks, “fake news”…it all seemed so negative but then I stopped the downward spiral and realized all we really need is kindness to help us get through. Focusing on saying a simple “hello” to people, a nice phone call to someone you have not spoken to recently, or a reconnection with a friend you have not heard from in a while makes all of this easier. We are all going through a lot right now and being able to find some sort of middle ground and something positive is possible – it just takes some effort.

We may not agree on everything and see eye to eye on everything but I hope we can some day in the future just like we did in the past and until then – always be kind.

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