Internet Explorer and Custom 404 Page Issues in WordPress

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Has anyone else seen the issue where you have created a 404 (or not) for WordPress and when you show links to posts or pages in WordPress that are marked as private – IE users intermittently get the generic IE 404 page? I cannot figure out how to fix this. Any thoughts would be appreciated! The HTTP header that the page (password protected) produces is a 301.

Basically – I have a custom 404 template that says “if is logged in show “file not found” and then a link to the search form. If you are not logged in, show a login form – as this takes care of the logic 99% of the time. This setup works 100% of the time with Firefox and Safari – but IE barks at it randomly. (If you refresh – you see the correct 404 text within 2-3 refreshes). What is going on?

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