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Internet Explorer and Custom 404 Page Issues in WordPress

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Has anyone else seen the issue where you have created a 404 (or not) for WordPress and when you show links to posts or pages in WordPress that are marked as private – IE users intermittently get the generic IE 404 page? I cannot figure out how to fix this. Any thoughts would be appreciated! The HTTP header that the page (password protected) produces is a 301. Basically – I have a custom 404 template that says “if is logged in show “file not found” and then a link to the search form. If you are not logged in, show... Read More » Read more


repairing a mysql table

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I have run into some database problems over the years, but had to do something different today when I saw that this site had a problematic table (wp_posts). When I looked at the issue first, I got the message “MySQL error code 145 = Table was marked as crashed and should be repaired”. To repair a table, I have run (at a mysql prompt in the command line): REPAIR TABLE wp_posts; but today that did not work. After doing some research, I finally was able to fix the table by using: myisamchk -r wp_posts (see documentation. This was a lifesaver! Read more