Well, here I am again, looking at different CMSes for a few projects I have up my sleeve and I decided to compare XOOPS and Mambo. Why those two? I have a few friends that used both and liked them for one reason or another. I decided to download XOOPS after doing a comparison at CMS Matrix and played with it last night until midnight. I have to say, now that I have a better understanding of CMSes in general after playing with Plone and hacking WordPress, I am pretty impressed. More in a bit.

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Serenity Now!

serenity now: backpacks on wheels!

Backpacks. What is so hard about this concept? You have a pack that you put on your back. Your back!! If you do not want to have a “backpack” you can buy something else. If you have a bad back, there are tons of other options…like carrying less, or using something else. So what is […]

Life Stuff

New 3 Wood!

I went to Golfsmith right after work (I had already been to the much preferable Golf Galaxy a few days ago) and decided to try three 3 woods in the practice area so I could make my decision and then spend the rest of the week at the driving range (after work). I, of course, […]