serenity now: backpacks on wheels!

Serenity Now!

Backpacks. What is so hard about this concept? You have a pack that you put on your back. Your back!! If you do not want to have a “backpack” you can buy something else. If you have a bad back, there are tons of other options…like carrying less, or using something else. So what is about these backpacks on wheels? I first began getting frustrated with these crazy things about two years ago when I was walking to work in rush hour foot traffic, and I was looking ahead (not at the ground) and the next thing I know, I am straddling a “backpack”. No I am not super tall…there it was, a backpack with only an inch or so off the ground. With people surrounding me, and the sheer shock I was in (pre-Coca Cola and the fact I was straddling something…and that something should have been on someone’s back), I had a hard time keeping my balance, not stopping traffic, and getting it out of way. The owner of this sort of bag was (besides a real genius) not happy and was swearing at me for unbalancing her precious BACKpack on wheels. From then on, I have many times pictured myself in a similar sitution, but instead of just accepting this hideous idea, I would kick the pack as I was crossing over the Chicago river, and the bag, in perfect flight would clear the railing and go to the bottom of the river.

I realize there is a need for some sort of luggage on wheels, but please, why is it that there are now so many BACKpacks with wheels? I have even seen little (very managable) briefcases on wheels. Perhaps these people that use them are carrying gold bars with them to work? What’s next…purses on wheels? Perhaps wallets (Costanza style) on skateboard wheels. Who knows. Where does it stop?

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