I finally took a few days out of my schedule to unplug, sleep in, and relax. I have been going at 110% for the last few months and decided it was time to take a break. My blog updates this week will be minimal because I am not “available”. (yeah I know the period belongs inside the quotes, but I do not like it there) I am not even keeping up to date with the news, etc and surprisingly it is a lot easier than I have thought…it took me a few years, but thank goodness I finally figured it out.

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Serenity Now!

plugged in again.

After being just shy of putting 2000 miles for the week the Volvo, me, and A are ok. The trip summed up: Thirteen hours to first destination. Had a new take on evolution and conservation. Saw Emily’s baby, spent some time with A’s family. Went to a baptismal. Got back in the car for a […]

Serenity Now!

serenity now: backpacks on wheels!

Backpacks. What is so hard about this concept? You have a pack that you put on your back. Your back!! If you do not want to have a “backpack” you can buy something else. If you have a bad back, there are tons of other options…like carrying less, or using something else. So what is […]