plugged in again.

Serenity Now!

After being just shy of putting 2000 miles for the week the Volvo, me, and A are ok. The trip summed up: Thirteen hours to first destination. Had a new take on evolution and conservation. Saw Emily’s baby, spent some time with A’s family. Went to a baptismal. Got back in the car for a few more hours. Spent some time with more family. Saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (I liked it more than the original). Rented the original Willy Wonka and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Watched the original War of the Worlds (liked the second one better). Got back in the car for a few more hours. Went to PSU. Bought lots of stuff. Found a new favorite beer – Lord Chesterfield. Saw one of my professors from years back, got invited back to his house for a drink (we drank out of 1810 pewter mugs. Hung out at an old college favorite bar. Almost ripped off the bottom of the car. Back in the car for a few more hours. Saw some more family. Won some money at the casino. Played some golf. Saw a lot more family. Played the most poker I ever have in my life. Almost broke my arm/tore some muscle. Played some ugly horseshoes. Made it to the final round of the family euchre tournament. Won some more money at the casino. Got in the car for another long trip back this way.

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