cheers! windows applications without windows.


This weekend, in between validatint my code, football, and SoCom II, I ran into a cool project that I think is worth mentioning: Darwine. For people like me that do not always have access to a PC but believes in QA for multiple browsers/platforms, there are times when all I need is IE for Windows. I do not want to buy a PC or super slow Virtual PC…I just need to open a window or two in IE, look at it, make adjustments to my code and get on with my day. Enter: Darwine. Darwine is an open source project/port of Wine for Darwin/Mac OS X. Darwine (and Wine) provide users like me who only need to use an application or two the abilty to do so without using Windows. Very cool. The project is still in the early stages, but something to watch in the next few months.

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