Ahh, Good To Be Back


A few days without internet access is finally a great feeling for me, but comingback to what seems to be endless email…not such a great feeling. During these internet free days (and lots of phone usage) I have finally come to the conclusion that is time to finally leave Cingular. My reception is embarressing and I become violently frustrated when I recieve a call and all I (and the other person) can here is buzzing. Yeah…some is my aging Treo, but it really got worse after the Cingular transition (yes I upgraded the phone’s firmware). A couple of my friends have been using NEXTEL for awhile and I am tempted to make the switch…only question is…to blackberry or not to blackberry? Time to go in and play around. I am not sure if I am ready to go back to a “phone only” phone…but who knows. I just want to be able to have reception, not hear buzzing sound when I do “have reception”, and have not pay an arm or a leg for my service. Why not the Treo 650? From what the guys from Engadget say…does not seem like they worked out the phone bugs in that model. Treo 700w? No thanks.

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