what are the chances?


Well. Early Monday morning is not my favorite. Rushing to get ready, rushing to get to the train, fighting with the crazies…(see posts on Metra)…anyway, let us not forget on top of all of this, I have the luck of Larry David.

So I make it to the train, but no seat, so I sat on the bottom steps going up to the upperdeck on the first car. We get past Clyborn (last stop before the Chicago train station) and at there is a woman’s knee in my back, apparently she wanted to get really close to me, so close her knee was hitting me until I look back and give her my “are you serious??” stare down. So I then stand up right in front of the doors that go into the vestibule. Next, I see some guy tearing through the line that already goes to the end of my car. He gets to me and I block him with my arm and say “Everyone is wating too, you know.” I saw this shennigan last week, just so the guy could make it off the train in front of everyone else. At this point my mind is going through all the feelings I experienced at Six Flags with all the line cutters so I decide that this is it. I am tired of people just cutting lines, so as he tries to force himself forward, I again hold back and again tell him “it is not polite to cut in front of all these people that are already standing”. Again he resists, and my arm muscles tighten and I say once more, “please wait your turn”. Well, at this point, the situation soon turns into a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode. The guy, then furious with me, tells me: Move out of the way!! I need to get to the conductor because there is a woman in the next car back having a seizure!!” I then apologize and let him through. What are the chances?

PS, yeah there is a new URL/layout…I will talk about that another day, after I stop feeling like a jack ass.

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