train the brain! (instead of driving me insane)


OK, so how many times have we all heard this: “I have so many user names and passwords, there is no way I can possibly remember all of them.” The solution (and no it is not to write them down)…remember your user names and passwords. How? Make up a user name/password scheme. How? I have several levels of user names and passwords. From highly secure (bank information) to basic (web site forums, etc). If you have look at everything you need to use a user name and password for, you can figure out what level of security needs to be used with each account. Once you memorize 5-7 user name/password combinations, you will be set. Yes…and 5-7 is on the low end, but come on, that is not a lot to think about in the grand scheme of things. Come on. How long do you end up spending waiting for your password to be rest/sent and complaining about how many accounts you have to memorize? Now tell me about your first kiss. Hmm, you can remember information from past decades, but not for a few accounts that you use monthly? Make it a priority or do not complain.

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